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APA – American Payroll Association
IPPA – Integrity In Payroll Processing

Worker Compensation

Are your Workers Comp. payments depleting your Business Cash Flow?  HiTech Payroll has a solution that will eliminate this problem for you.  By applying for a Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp Policy, the Insurance Provider will give you a rate per employee, based on your payroll.  So with each Pay Run, HiTech Payroll will submit a small amount for your Workers Comp Coverage, and in exchange, the provider will waive the 25% Down Payment!


  • No Down Payments.
  • No Checks to Write.
  • No Year-End Audit Adjustments.
  • No Late Payment Fees.
  • Based on the actual payroll run.

How Does It Work?

If you have an existing Worker’s Comp policy in place, and you would like to keep it, then we can help apply for a Change of Broker, with your existing carrier.  This will allow us to administer your Worker’s Comp. payments per your payroll schedule, and you get to keep your existing policy in place.
Or we can help you replace your existing policy by perhaps getting you a better rate, and a Pay-As-You-Go Plan.  All you need to do is give us some basic information, and we will do all the paperwork for you.  Once you approve the rate, we will administer the plan based on your payroll schedule.  You will also get Workers Comp Reports along with your basic payroll reports.