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APA – American Payroll Association
IPPA – Integrity In Payroll Processing

Basic Payroll Services

Check Processing:

Check Processing…   Easy as 1-2-3.
  • You submit the payroll to us via phone, fax, email, or through HiTech Online.
  • HiTech Payroll will process your payroll within the same day.
  • HTP will notify  you that your payroll has been processed, and we will deliver or mail the checks to you via overnight delivery.
  • You will receive your checks and reports the next day, before 10:30 A.M.
HiTech Payroll offers these additional services Free of Charge.
  • Your logo on checks.
  • Pre-signed checks with your authorization.
  • Checks stuffed in envelopes.

Direct Deposit:

HiTech Payroll can pay your employees by Direct Deposit, through the ACH Banking System.  Their entire pay will be deposited into their bank account on Pay Day.  Your employees can even divide their pay between 2-3 different Bank Accounts, if they choose to. 

Getting all your employees to enroll in Direct Deposits has many advantages:
  • No checks to sign, distribute, stuff, etc.
  • No lost or stolen checks.
  • No delivery charges.
  • Check Stubs can be viewed online.
  • No trips to the bank, and no lost productivity time.
Payroll Cards

For employees that do not have bank accounts we offer Payroll Cards which work like a regular Visa / Mastercard.  They can either withdraw their entire pay, or use it for purchases.  This service is provided by HTP at no cost to the employers.

Tax Services:

Immediately after we process your payroll, HiTech Payroll will submit all your Federal, State, and Local Taxes.  Our In-House Tax Department handles taxes for clients in all 50 states. 
We submit your Federal Taxes via EFTPS, and your State/Local Taxes through EFT Debits directly to your State Tax Agency. We provide our clients with login information to their Federal & State Websites, where they can steadily keep track of the Tax Payments we make on their behalf.

Quarterly Tax Service:
After every Quarter, our clients receive their Quarterly Tax Returns, which they review, sign, and submit to the appropriate Tax Agency.  An accountant’s package can also be provided per your request.

Year-End Tax Service:
HiTech Payroll provides it’s clients with the complete Year-End Tax Filing Services.  We collect the data we need for any year-end payroll adjustments, like: Company Used Vehicles, Expense Reimbursements, Tax Credits, and more, to ensure 100% Accuracy & Compliance.  We will process your Annual Returns, and provide you with an Accountant’s Package.

W-2 & 1099 Service:
HYP will provide you with all W-2’s and 1099’s for your employees. Your employees will also have access to these documents online to view and print as needed.

CD Paperless Reports:
HTP can provide you and your accountant with a CD paperless report of your entire payroll for the year.  This way you can have quick access to all your past payroll records, minus the clutter.

Online Payroll:

HiTech Online – A web-based software which allows you to do the following:

    • View Employee Setup.
    • Add Hours, Pay Types, etc. for current pay run.
    • Submit Payroll to HTP.
    • View Employee Check Stubs.
    • View and Print Reports.
    • Allows you to submit payroll from any internet connection.  You don’t have to be at the office to access this software.

G/L Interfacing:

After your payroll has been processed, HiTech Payroll will email you a G/L Export File that is compatible with your accounting software.  We currently offer G/L Exports for:

  • Quickbooks
  • Peachtree
  • Mas 90
  • Mas 500
  • And several more

This will allow you to import your entire Payroll Information into your Accounting Software, with the click of a button – thus eliminating manual entries.