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APA – American Payroll Association
IPPA – Integrity In Payroll Processing

Time & Attendance Solutions

HiTech Payroll can provide you with a complete Time & Attendance Solution, that will benefit your particular business. Whether your business requires simple time collection, or a complex system with schedules, shifts, overrides, etc., HTP has the perfect solution for you.

You do not need to replace your clocks if they are in good condition. We can provide you with the software that will interface with both you existing clocks, and our payroll system.

HiTech Payroll makes the process simple for you:

  • HTP provides you with the actual Time Clocks.
  • We install and service it for you.
  • We provide you with the software, training, and support.
  • The data will feed directly into our Payroll System.

Additionally, HiTech Payroll has several Custom Software Packages which are designed specifically for certain industries. For example, if your business runs on 24 hour shifts, you will be amazed at the Time & Attendance Solution that we offer.