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APA – American Payroll Association
IPPA – Integrity In Payroll Processing

Expense Reporting

If your business pays your employees expense reimbursements for:

  • Travel Expense, including gas and tolls.
  • Lunches or Hosting Expenses.
  • Hotel Accommodations.
  • Equipment & Supplies.
  • Cell Phones.
  • Parking Exenses.
  • Company Vehicles.
  • And More.

Then HiTech Payroll can process these expense checks for you.  You can choose to have it combined with the Paycheck or have us issue a separate Expense Check.  This service will make life a lot easier for your HR Staff.

Inquire about our HR Software that allows your employees to report their expenses online – by using their employee self service.  The manager can receive the expenses and approve or decline it accordingly.